Fast and efficient to the series product.

You would like to have your product available in series as soon as possible? We provide professional industrialization.

In order to produce a product permanently with stable quality in series, we ensure that the design of our developments is production suitable from the very beginning.

If you would like to have your development produced by us, we would be pleased to check your design again and work out optimisation proposals. Quality and price/performance ratio are always our focus.

We set up the necessary production processes and develop the test equipment so that no untested assembly leaves our factory. We set up the complete logistics chain from the component supplier to the delivery to you.

Our production systems are completely networked. This enables us to achieve 100% traceability over every single step and every single component. The manufacturing processes are also recorded in detail and linked to the serial number. We can also take over the assembly of complete devices and the import of your software.

On request, we can produce pre-series products for your market launch and further testing.


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