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GINZINGER electronic systems is a problem-solving specialist in the development and production of tailor-made electronic assemblies for industrial, medical and automation applications.

GINZINGER has more than 25 years of experience and expertise, and has focused on developing embedded solutions, power electronics, special customer requirements and customer-specific control technology in particular.

Our services

We are a reliable partner at all times, one that excites with creative ideas, optimised production and excellent service. Solid knowledge of standards and clear-cut processes with IT support throughout give you the assurance you need. In-house test equipment building, comprehensive test systems and complete traceability guarantee long-term availability of premium solutions.

20 years of experience and know-how20 years of experience and know-how

20 years of experience and know-how

Our knowledge

The building blocks that are required to meet demanding challenges and that also comply with the latest standards include user interfaces such as those used on smartphones, a scalable modular system of matched hardware and software components, software frameworks for connectivity and state-of-the-art development and production systems.

Our own embedded Linux distribution, GELin, gives us complete control over the hardware and software – and is therefore helping us to set new standards in the embedded world.

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Our approach

What does the end user expect? What does the service engineer need? What are people in sales looking for? Intermediate traders – system integrators – IT – fitters? Talking to all the potential users of the product from the outset is crucial to the success of any project. After all, benefits for the different users are the top priority when it comes to developing a solution. In addition to this, experienced project managers, proven processes and tools form the foundation for meeting your expectations within the specified time and cost budgets.

The way we do things

We communicate and collaborate at various levels on a daily basis. Transparency, openness and honesty are our most important values. We do not just focus on the products that we develop for you. We also seek to understand your markets to be able to think ahead and consider the future collaboratively. We are all about tailor-made solution expertise with selected suppliers and technology partners. This makes it possible to focus on the benefits in our age of smartphones, IoT and complete cloud solutions.

Our service portfolio

Overview of our business fields

Requirements analysis
Collaboratively defining an understanding of the problem and requirements.
Development concept
Identifying innovative solutions and potential alternatives.
Professional project and solution elaboration through to readiness for series production.
The series production product is reached quickly and efficiently.
Series production
The agreed quantity of your product is delivered on time at the agreed price.
Aftersales support
Maintenance, repairs and support provided after series production as well.

What sets us apart

Reliability in every aspect


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