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About W&H Dentalwerk
Behind the scenes

Embedded Linux in dentistry

Safe and reliable

Intuitive operation by stroking, wiping, pulling - all these things are now also very important in medical technology and are becoming increasingly important. Disinfectable touch surfaces, high-quality workmanship and a secure software base are just a few of the numerous requirements that must be met and implemented here.

W&H Dentalwerk, based in Bürmoos, Germany, develops, manufactures and markets precision instruments and devices for dental, surgical and dental technical applications for the benefit of mankind. The international company clearly relies on Ginzinger and its Embedded Linux Solutions.

In 2014, the completely revised Piezomed surgical unit celebrated a successful market launch. The graphic user interface, the attractive design and the know-how built into it guarantee quality and safety at all levels.

With the new Implantmed, another surgical unit with intuitive operating concept, colour touch screen and glass surface followed in 2017.



Honest words

Behind the scenes

The project team

DI Andreas Pfeiffer
DI Andreas Pfeiffer Customer Consulting
Kristof Jodlbauer
Kristof Jodlbauer Customerservice Center
Johannes Ulmer
Johannes Ulmer Hardware Development
Melchior Franz
Melchior Franz Software Development


Questions to our customer

DI Johann Eibl

Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

DI Johann Eibl

W&H Dentalwerk and Ginzinger electronic systems are family businesses. Is this structure still up-to-date in our time and in your industry?

Dipl.-Ing. Johann Eibl: "This is more timely than ever. Especially in our short-lived times, in which it is often only about quick success. Family businesses always think long-term. At least, family businesses have this image.

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# Because in the end it always depends on the acting persons which spirit prevails in a company. The W&H family business is managed with passion and deep conviction by Dipl.-Ing. Peter Malata. Last but not least, our slogan is: 'People have Priority'. But such a slogan is easy to write down, it must be lived by all employees every day. And the company owner must credibly exemplify this philosophy and these values."

In your industry there are really big players who are equipped with enormous amounts of capital to finance expensive development work. Can a family business compete with that?

Dipl.-Ing. Johann Eibl: "You are undoubtedly right. If you want to keep up in medical technology, you have to invest an enormous amount of money in research and development.

This often requires financial staying power. This makes it easier for listed companies to raise the necessary money. On the other hand, other factors that are just as important for success, such as speed, flexibility, efficiency and short decision-making processes, are at an advantage in a company of manageable size managed by the owner.

 We are currently experiencing a digital revolution that is fundamentally affecting all areas of life and the economy. What new challenges are your company facing?

Dipl.-Ing. Johann Eibl: "We are not only ones facing fundamental changes, we are already in the midst of these upheavals. For our company, this means that devices are becoming increasingly intelligent, networked. It's comparable to cars. How much technology is in our cars today was completely illusory 10 or 15 years ago. We are now faced with completely new possibilities and applications, whether in diagnostics, safety features or 3D image technology. And in order to be able to take advantage of these new opportunities, we are working with partners who can offer innovative solutions and focus on research and development. Like for example the company Ginzinger electronic systems."

What are the cornerstones of W&H's cooperation with suppliers?

Dipl.-Ing. Johann Eibl: "First of all, I must return to the subject of listed companies. We can never raise as much capital as the very large companies. We compensate for this disadvantage by committing ourselves more and more to cooperation, to a closely networked collaboration with our suppliers. But for this to really work, we believe that essential values such as reliability, competence, fairness and respectful treatment are essential."

Thanks for the talk.

Further references

Satisfied customers are important to us.

Adresys Adaptive Regelsysteme Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Adresys Adaptive Regelsysteme Gesellschaft m.b.H., based in Salzburg, is a competent partner for occupational safety in the electrical sector.

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As a specialist for intelligent construction documentation, the company offers "CONTAKT", a smart digital tool for increasing productivity on the construction site.


Rosenbauer International AG

Rosenbauer is the first port of call when it comes to innovative firefighting technology for worldwide use. When the Group was looking for a new generation of operating system in its firefighting vehicles, it entered into cooperation with Ginzinger electronic systems.

Rosenbauer International AG Rosenbauer International AG

Pataky Software GmbH

Pataky Software GmbH offers business analytics, data warehouse and artificial intelligence. But also individual software solutions, web applications, embedded systems, solutions for the cloud and the IoT are part of the service portfolio.

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AVL DiTest GmbH

AVL DiTEST, based in Graz (Ö), has been successfully providing automotive diagnostic and measurement solutions for the automotive after-sales sector worldwide for 20 years and is considered a pioneer in its industry.

AVL DiTest GmbH AVL DiTest GmbH


Sophisticated CNC technology and preventive maintenance. In 2016, DMU industrialized the smallest 5-axis milling machine in the dental world.


Petwalk Solutions GmbH

Die Passivhaus geeignete Tiertüre funktioniert vollautomatisch und kann fast überall eingebaut werden - egal ob Wand, Glas oder Türe.

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W&H Dentalwerk

W&H Dentalwerk W&H Dentalwerk

Frauscher Sensortechnik GmbH

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SystemTera Electronics GmbH

SystemTera Electronics GmbH SystemTera Electronics GmbH

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Wintersteiger AG

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