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Petwalk solutions GmbH

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If we believe the advertising, cats would buy whiskas, as we know. But there are needs for house cats that are at least as important as a tasty snack three times a day: To be able to go in and out of the house as often as the four-legged roommate wants. What does this have to do with Embedded Solutions ? A whole lot.

In 2009 the company petWALK Solutions GmbH approached Ginzinger electronic systems. It was about the development of a worldwide unique electronic animal valve for passive houses, which should solve the problem pragmatically. What at the beginning seemed to be manageable, soon turned out to be technically complex. Topics such as thermal insulation, suitability for passive houses, burglary resistance, alarm, autonomous opening and closing, RFID, etc. made the electronic development for Ginzinger electronic systems a challenging project.

An extensive energy supply management in case of a power failure as well as the embedded software programming for the 32bit microcontroller were important requirements for this new development. In the end, the expectations and customer wishes had to be fulfilled as with a high-quality front door.



Honest words

Already after the first conversation it was clear to me that I had found a reliable and competent partner in Mr. Ginzinger.

Klaus Kindl | Managing Director| petWALK Solutions GmbH

Behind the scenes

The project team

Ing. Herbert Ginzinger
Ing. Herbert Ginzinger CEO and Founder
Kristof Jodlbauer
Kristof Jodlbauer Customerservice Center
Johannes Ulmer
Johannes Ulmer Hardware Development
DI Stefan Schöfegger
DI Stefan Schöfegger Software Development

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