Inductive sensor technology

A DC/DC converter for sensor technology

In several of its electronic assemblies for wheel detection and axle counting systems, Frauscher Sensortechnik installed a special DC/DC converter type that was difficult to find on the components market. When this was suddenly no longer produced, Ginzinger electronic systems reacted immediately and decided to help its long-standing customer.

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Frauscher Sensortechnik has been developing and producing high-quality, inductive sensor technology since 1987. The main area of application is railroad technology systems that assume responsibility for the safety of railroad operations worldwide. The company places the highest demands on all phases of the product life cycle of its products, from concept to subsequent support of the products in the field.

During the routine inspection of assemblies at TÜV, Frauscher was faced with a challenge. For approval, TÜV required key technical data on the converter from the manufacturer, who was unable to provide the data. In addition, the company that produced the converters was also closed down. This was a major problem for Frauscher, because the customized converters were produced exclusively for it.


Sensortechnik von Frauscher

Passion for technology

Rapid assistance for Frauscher

Ginzinger's mission statement states: "Out of a passion for technology, we want to respond quickly to new challenges and not give up until a solution is found". No sooner said than done: Instead of waiting for an adequate spare part to become available, the Ginzinger team decided, together with Frauscher, to custom-develop and produce the DC/DC converter itself. This was made possible by decades of development know-how in the field of power electronics.

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More about our series production

From EMS producer to component manufacturer

So it happened that Ginzinger, in addition to its many years of activity as an EMS service provider, also became a component supplier for Frauscher Sensortechnik. The "DC/DC converter" project started relatively quickly at Ginzinger. Although this was basically a simple standard converter that could be developed quickly, the special parameters of the "forest and meadow converter" made it a "special case".


Special parameters

Short circuit behavior & insulation parameters

Input and output isolation of 4200V DC was required for the Frauscher DC/DC converter.

Temperature range

The required temperature range is -40°C to +70°C. The transducer must of course operate within the required specifications both in Siberia and on the railroad tracks in India.


Five variants of the converter are now available. Three with 4 watts each, one 1 watt converter with high efficiency, and one variant with 20 watts.


Series release for the DC/DC converter

Finally, all problems could be solved. The series release by the customer took place in spring 2012. All customer-specific DC converters for Frauscher Sensortechnik are now produced and tested at Ginzinger electronic systems. In addition to the test in the temperature cabinet, which every converter has to undergo, the insulation test and the function test are also carried out in-house. Thus, the customer can be 100% sure that the transducers work, regardless of the temperature.

Ginzinger Mitarbeiter Pruefmittelbau

Our products meet the highest safety standards. In global markets, different requirements must be taken into account for this. The development of a customized DC/DC converter therefore required close communication and lively exchange. Things that are very important at Ginzinger. That's why the company was and is an optimal partner for us."

Thalbauer Portrait
Rudolf Thalbauer
Director Research & Development at Frauscher

Best supplier

Excellent trust

In 2015 Ginzinger electronic systems was awarded as best supplier in the categories quality, delivery performance, price and cooperation. Thank you for the decades of trust!

Baugruppen Leiterplattenmagazin in der EMS Produktion

Reliability for many years

In operation worldwide

In 2018, the DC/DC converters from Ginzinger electronic systems celebrated their tenth anniversary. While there was only one variant at the beginning, today there are already four: three converters with 4 watts, a 1 watt converter with high efficiency and from 2019 a fifth variant with 20 watts. Of the different types, Ginzinger electronic systems continuously delivers to several Frauscher manufacturing sites worldwide.

15V DCDC Wandler von Ginzinger

We look forward to your challenge!


A DC/DC converter - the abbreviation DC stands for direct current - converts a supplied input DC voltage into a regulated or unregulated DC voltage whose voltage level at the output can be higher, lower, inverted or isolated from the input voltage.

Sensor technology is a key technology for measuring, controlling and regulating mechatronic systems in automation, especially in production and process engineering.
Especially in railroad safety technology, suppliers are required to provide the highest quality, accuracy and traceability down to the smallest installed resistor.