The smallest 5-axis milling machine in the dental world

Innovative mini 5-axis milling machine

The smallest milling machine in the dental world

It began with the invention of the world's smallest 5-axis milling machine for dental medicine. The Salzburg-based start-up company DMU GmbH, which now has around 30 employees, developed this machine up to series production readiness in 2015. In order to carry out the adjustments from the prototype to the finished industrial product, changes were necessary to the proof-of-concept electronics previously used.

In order to implement the milling electronics quickly and suitable for series production, DMU commissioned Ginzinger electronic systems in May 2016 to optimize and integrate the electronic components. The cramped space situation of the compact mini milling machine posed several challenges for the design. These included, for example, thermal management and EMC, which had to be optimized.

Because software developers and hardware designers work very closely together at Ginzinger, problems are examined in their entirety. In the end, the team found the optimal solution and supported DMU in the further optimisation of the supply chain. The joint project resulted in a close cooperation between DMU and Ginzinger electronic systems. Optimizations and extensions of the product are still carried out together on an ongoing basis.

"We are pleased that we have found a reliable partner in Ginzinger electronic systems, and also very close by, who has supported us quickly and unbureaucratically in the realisation of our ideas", says Martin Huber, Technical Director of DMU GmbH.

In the future, the 5-axis milling machine will be produced in four-digit quantities and delivered to dentists and dental laboratories worldwide.


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"We have gladly incorporated the experience, but also many new ideas of the Ginzinger technicians into our product development. On this basis we were also able to free ourselves to concentrate on the customer benefit".

Martin Huber | Technical Director | DMU GmbH

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