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Tiled stoves have been experiencing a renaissance since the end of the 80s. At that time, legislators felt compelled to equip tiled stoves and fireplaces with electronic controls for heating monitoring due to incorrect heating and poor heating material. Ginzinger develops and produces the control units as well as the electronic components for Brunner GmbH.

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Crises, technological or legal upheavals often mark the beginning of a success story. This was also the case with "electronics for ovens". Ulrich Brunner, Managing Director at Brunner GmbH, looks back today with amusement on sleepless nights at the end of the 1980s. Because one day the legislator informed that tiled stoves and fireplaces had to be equipped with electronic controls in the future. The search for a suitable partner to implement these requirements led the company to Ginzinger electronic systems.

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70 years Brunner

Heating experience & competence

Founded in 1946 in Eggenfelden/Bavaria, Brunner GmbH can look back on a long company history. At the end of the 70's Ulrich Brunner started with the production of tiled stove inserts. Numerous developments and trends in stove and fireplace construction bear his signature. At the beginning of the 90's, the company presented the first electronic stove control (EOS/EAS), which automatically regulated the burning. Since 2013, pellet heaters and log boilers have also been produced in Eggenfelden, Bavaria, in order to offer solutions on the subject of "heating with wood" beyond the possibilities of tiled stoves and fireplaces. Meanwhile, the family business is managed in the third generation. The main business is in Germany and Austria.

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Prescription for heating monitoring

Since the end of the 80s, tiled stoves have experienced a real renaissance. Mr. Brunner: "Unfortunately, the knowledge about proper heating is often no longer available. Thus wrong heating or also bad heating material was used. All this led to heavy environmental pollution. And this led to the prescribing of electronic control for heating monitoring. For the entire industry at that time unimaginable, because until that time no one asked for electronic support for heating his tiled stove.

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Conscious decision for Ginzinger

The first project to realize the legal requirements was implemented by Ulrich Brunner with a German company - successfully for the time being. But when this company was restructured several times and changed into the ownership of American owners, exactly what annoyed Ulrich Brunner happened: "We stand for long-term thinking, for stable and honest partnership, for human business relations. People know each other by name. All that disappeared step by step with this partner. We simply didn't fit together anymore. These are two worlds. The logical consequence: Ulrich Brunner GmbH had to look for a new partner. Many discussions, presentations and appointments followed - in the end, the choice fell on Ginzinger electronic systems.

EOS Brunner

"It was a gut and brain decision for Ginzinger," he said.

Ulrich Brunner
Managing Director Brunner GmbH

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Electronics development and production


Ginzinger electronic systems revised the existing Brunner furnace controls.

GeLin as a software platform

The Ginzinger embedded Linux distribution "GELin" was implemented as a solid basic framework for application development.

Serial production

Ginzinger electronic systems produces the electronic assemblies including platform software in series.

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