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Crises, technological or legal upheavals often mark the beginning of a success story. This is also the case with the topic "Electronics for stoves". Ulrich Brunner looks back (amused today) on sleepless nights at the end of the 1980s: "One day, the legislator informed us that in future tiled stoves and fireplaces would have to be equipped with electronic control systems.“

Elektronische Ofensteuerung EOS

Elektronische Ofensteuerung EOS

This was unimaginable for the entire industry at that time, because until then nobody had asked for electronic support to heat their tiled stove. The background to this legal requirement: since the end of the 80s, tiled stoves have been experiencing a real renaissance. Mr. Brunner: "Unfortunately, the knowledge about correct heating is often no longer available. For example, incorrect heating or even bad heating material was used. All this led to severe environmental pollution. And this led to the regulation of electronic controls for heat monitoring." Ulrich Brunner implemented the first project with a German company - initially successfully. But when this company was restructured several times and changed into the possession of American owners, exactly what annoyed Ulrich Brunner happened: "We stand for long-term thinking, for stable and honest partnership, for human business relations. We know each other by name. All this disappeared step by step with this partner. We simply no longer fitted together. Those are two worlds".

The logical consequence: Ulrich Brunner GmbH had to look for a new partner. Many discussions, presentations and appointments followed - in the end the choice fell on Ginzinger electronic systems. "It was a gut and brain decision for Ginzinger", Mr. Brunner explains the choice.



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A gut and brain decision for Ginzinger

Ulrich Brunner | Managing Director | Brunner GmbH

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