Event / 16.06.2023

Ginzinger Repair Café

Ginzinger electronic systems is organizing a Repair Café on June 16, 2023 in Weng/Innkreis to breathe new life into defective devices. The event is intended to send a clear signal for resource conservation and sustainable thinking.

Ginzinger electronic systems organizes a Repair Café on June 16, 2023 in the community hall Weng/Innkreis. With this event, the company wants to specifically set an example against the throwaway mentality towards sustainable thinking. Guided by Ginzinger volunteers, guests will be encouraged in a cozy atmosphere to breathe life back into defective, cherished devices.

Zeichen gegen Wegwerfmentalität

At Repair Cafés, guests come by with their defective devices and broken everyday objects. The basic idea is to try to repair things on one's own in order to extend the life of everyday objects and small appliances and to save money and resources.

On site, with the support of volunteers, defective items are screwed, sewn, glued and cleaned. Often it is only a small defect, such as a broken solder joint, a bad contact in a switch or a clogged filter, that decides whether the item will be used again or thrown away in the trash.

Initiators for the Repair Cafés in the Innviertel are the association kuli - Kultur.Land.Impulse in cooperation with the environmental professionals Braunau (Bezirksabfallverband).

Worum geht es?

  • Repair instead of throwing away!
  • Screw, sew and glue together
  • Volunteer experts give tips for your own repair attempts
  • Chat, talk shop and drink coffee
  • Without guarantee - but voluntary and free of charge


  • Anyone who wants to breathe life back into broken household appliances
  • Those willing to repair
  • Coffee & cake lovers

Termin & Ort:

  • Friday, June 16, 2023
  •  14:00 to 18:00
  • Event hall of the municipality Weng/Innkreis
    Hauptstrasse 28, 4952 Weng im Innkreis

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