Webinar / 23.11.2023

Safe handling of ESD electronics - So that the spark does not fly!

From basic physics to effective prevention of electrostatic discharge.

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ESD can cause devastating damage in production and handling of electronic components that often goes unrecognized.In our webinar, we dive into the physical phenomenon of ESD (electrostatic discharge) and reveal the invisible danger to which electronic components and assemblies are exposed.

We explain the basics of ESD and illustrate the effects ESD can have on components, assemblies and finished products. You will receive practical tips and on best practices that you can implement immediately in your production environment to prevent ESD damage.

webinar content:

Physical background of ESD

  •     What is electrostatic charge?
  •     How does electrostatic charge/discharge occur?
  •     Emergence of ESD by triboelectricity
  •     Formation of ESD by Influence
  •     Dangers of electrostatic discharge

What can I do against ESD?

  •     Tasks of an ESD coordinator
  •     Brief insight into the IEC61340 series of standards
  •     ESD models (HBM, CDM, MM)
  •     Planning and structure of an EPA
  •     Which rules of conduct apply in the EPA
  •     Training of the personnel
  •     Verification of ESD protection measures by regular ESD auditors
  •     Packaging of electrostatic sensitive components

Your expert on the subject

The lecturer is Reinhard Schmeitzl, ESD representative and long-time employee at Ginzinger electronic systems. Mr. Schmeitzl has many years of experience in the field of ESD protection and also conducts ESD consultations in external companies. He will soon complete the training to become a certified ESD auditor.

target group:

  • Production and operations managers
  • (future) ESD coordinators and specialists
  • Employees from quality management and production planning
  • Employees from all production areas where ESD is an issue

Date & Place:

  • Thursday, November 23, 2023
  • 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Ginzinger online webinar room

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