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Device-2-Cloud - from GELin to the Azure-Cloud with Qt or .NET

Device-2-Cloud - from GELin to the Azure-Cloud with Qt or .NET


Embedded devices are becoming increasingly networked: integration into local Wifi networks, wireless connections to mobile end devices or the use of scalable cloud interfaces are often the focus when implementing networked embedded devices. But which mix of frameworks offers an optimal environment to get there efficiently?


A case study will be presented in the talk: A GELin-based Linux device is to be connected to the cloud solution Microsoft Azure-IoT Hub. The necessary steps with an implementation from the device to the cloud will be demonstrated with two different technologies: In the first case, the application, which was implemented with C++ Qt, is cloud-enabled in combination with the Microsoft Azure IoT C-SDK. The second case is an application implemented with .NET 6 for Embedded Linux.

Stefan Larndorfer, MSc. from sequality software engineering will show you which of these two approaches brings advantages for your application in the presentation on June 14, 2022.

Target groups:

    Product and project managers
    Development managers
    Software development staff

Date and location:

    Tuesday, june 14, 2022
    15:00 - 16:00
    Ginzinger Online - Seminar Room

The webinar is free of charge. Seats are limited.
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Website of our partner Sequality: www.sequality.at




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