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Embedded Systems Hardening - How to protect devices from potential cyber attacks?

Embedded Systems Hardening - How to protect devices from potential cyber attacks?

Hardening and secure configuration of embedded devices based on Linux

Security does not stop at embedded components. At the same time, more demands are being placed on securing IoT and industrial components. Secure configuration and hardening play a special role here.

The presentation will cover topics from embedded security and hardening of embedded systems. From the secure configuration of Uboot, to dealing with debug interfaces (UART, JTAG), to general info on what to look out for when using Linux in the embedded area.

The goal of embedded systems hardening is to reduce security risk by eliminating potential attack vectors and condensing the system's attack surface. Our partner Limes Security discusses the basics necessary to achieve this.

The webinar content in detail:

  •     Introduction
  •     Debug Interfaces
  •     + JTAG, UART and co.
  •     Cryptography with few resources
  •     Secure Boot with UBOOT
  •     + Problems and Solutions
  •     Secure Firmware process
  •     + Encrypted and signed
  •     Linux
  •   + Use TLS instead of plain text
  •   + Binary Hardening
  •        - Exploit Mitigation (Compile Options)
  •   + OS Hardening
         - Reduce kernel features
         - Ensure secure mount options
         - Logging
         - Dedicated users for services
         - Anti Priv Escalation Things (suid, permission)
         - Secure Access (sshd, per Azure Iot )

Felix Eberstaller von LIMES Security

Felix Eberstaller von LIMES Security


Presenters are Felix Eberstaller, IT/IOT Security Specialist and Tobias Zillner, General Manager IT/OT Security Specialist from our partner company LIMES Security.




Target audience:

  •     Product and project managers
  •     Development managers
  •     Security Managers
  •     General Manager

Date and place:

  •     Wednesday, 04.11.2020
  •     Time 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.
  •     Ginzinger Online Webinar Room

Participation is free of charge. Seats are limited.

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