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Success has many names

Success has many names

In conversation with Hubert Schröckelsberger - Head of test equipment and repair service

Hubert Schröckelsberger

Hubert Schröckelsberger

Hubert Schröckelsberger has been working for Ginzinger electronic systems in the field of test equipment construction for 16 years.
His comprehensive know-how and his many years of experience in the construction of test equipment and test systems, paired with his accuracy and persistence, make Hubert Schröckelsberger a guarantee of success for the customers.

Hubert, together with your colleagues at Ginzinger, you are responsible for putting assemblies through their paces before they leave the house. Can one say that your motto could be "trust is good, control is better"?

With regard to this motto, I must say that the challenge with each individual test device is to achieve optimum test coverage. Neither too much nor too little testing should be done.

Anything else would miss the mark and would only unnecessarily increase production costs.


What are the advantages of an in-house test equipment construction and repair service for customers?

We have decades of experience in the production of test equipment. Ginzinger offers the customer an all-round complete service. He receives everything from one source, further external services are not necessary. We create all test equipment exactly as the customer wants it, no more and no less.

When does it make sense to create customer-specific test equipment and when not?

Basically all test equipment at Ginzinger are unique pieces. They are adapted to the requirements of the customer or to the specifications of the assemblies to be tested.

Looking into the future, what's in store for you here?

The degree of automation and robotization will continue to increase very strongly in the future.
In the very near future, robots and automated systems will support us in a substantial part of the test procedures.

The market situation requires a certain degree of automation in order for electronics production in Central Europe to survive at all. The consideration is not whether to automate, but how.

Hubert, a final question: Which aspects are particularly important for you in your job?

A good working atmosphere. We definitely have that at Ginzinger electronic systems. If the interaction with colleagues and superiors is right, the work is fun.

Of course it is even more fun when you can work with the latest machines and equipment. It is gratifying that the management here places such great value on the most modern equipment.

Hubert, many thanks for the interview!



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