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Layout Tipps & Tricks

Layout Tipps & Tricks

PCB Sizes and Thicknesses

Common PCB thicknesses at Ginzinger electronic systems are between 1 and 2 mm. Deviations from the usual PCB thicknesses must be clarified individually.


*For printed circuit boards with dimensions smaller than 250x180 mm, Ginzinger electronic systems will usually create a panel.
**The maximum width of 305 mm results from the limitations of the transport system. A larger panel or a larger PCB means an increased manual effort.

SMT printed circuit boards



All pads, components and placement aids must maintain a distance of at least 5mm from the edge of the PCB on two opposite sides.
This applies to the placement and soldering sides.

ATTENTION: The 5mm distance must also be maintained by placement aids (e.g. THR pin strips).



THT printed circuit boards ###IMAGE3###


All components and pads must have a distance of at least 3mm to the edge of the PCB on two opposite sides. This applies to the component side and the solder side. If this distance is not possible, the edge must be provided by a panel (see below).



Edge distances of PCB tracks



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