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Hardware design for production - component types & soldering processes

Hardware design for production

component types & soldering processes

Component types & soldering processes

In order to be able to carry out the production process optimally, quickly and cost-effectively, the course must already be set in the hardware design. This is where enormous opportunities lie - with an optimally thought-out PCB layout, it is relatively easy to achieve decisive time and cost savings.
Unnecessary process steps, poorly soldered components, short circuits, solder bridges, etc. are already prevented in the development phase.

The customer benefits of a well thought-out design are obvious:

  •     faster production and inspection/testing
  •     lower costs
  •     high product quality

In this first webinar on the topic of "Hardware design suitable for production", you will receive valuable tips that will enable trouble-free production of your developments. Focus in this appointment is on component types and soldering processes.

Webinar contents:

  •     Different component type
    + THT/PiH
    + THR/PiP
    + SMT/SMD
  •     Application areas
  •     Soldering & Soldering Processes
    + Basics
    + Pad Design Requirements
    + Soldering types (wave soldering, reflow soldering)
  •     Tips & tricks from 30 years of experience
  •     Questions & Answers

Target Audience:

  •     Hardware developers
  •     Printed circuit board designers

Date and place:

  •     30.03.2022
  •     15.00 to 16.00 h
  •     Ginzinger electronic systems Webinar Room

The webinar is free of charge. Seats are limited. To the registration




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