Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

Embedded - What is that?

embedded systems dominate our everyday life

Embedded systems take on special tasks in the most diverse areas of application. While a person sits and works in front of a PC, embedded systems usually perform their work in secret. They are a combination of perfectly coordinated hardware and software components and only perform precisely defined tasks. Depending on the application, the power consumption of such solutions can be kept extremely low.

Whether it is smart TVs, monitoring systems in cars or devices in dentistry for inserting implants - our everyday life would hardly be conceivable without embedded systems.

How do we approach it?

Schritt 1: Projektrahmen prüfen
Ziele und Rahmenbedingungen vereinbaren
Schritt 2: Anforderungsanalyse
Gemeinsames Problemverständnis schaffen
Schritt 3: Konzeption
Darstellung der Lösungsmöglichkeiten
Schritt 4: Maßgeschneiderte Lösung
Realisierung des vereinbarten Lösungswegs
Schritt 5: Einschulung Ihrer Entwickler
Kann bereits während der Entwicklungsphase stattfinden
Schritt 6: Anwendung programmieren
Sie können sofort mit der Anwendungsentwicklung loslegen

Which hardware does Ginzinger use for embedded systems?

With our embedded solutions we adapt the hardware exactly to the requirements of our customers. At the heart of these systems are proven, industrial-grade i.MX-processors from NXP (formerly Freescale). These can either be plugged into the peripheral hardware ase a module or preferably completely integrated into the layout .

Scalable solutions - overview of supported processors

Scalable solutions - overview of supported processors

Why do I need an operating system?

Nowadays we are constantly confronted with operating systems. Whether it is the new Smart TV, the sports clock to record activities and check notifications or the boiler in the basement. Duet to the networking of the devices they are mandatory.

Simplified representation of the abstraction layers

Simplified representation of the abstraction layers

An operating system (or OS = Operating System) is nothing more than software that uniformly controls and manages the access of application programs to a device. Standardized interfaces make it easy to load programs, access memory, display texts and graphics, transfer data, respond to user input and many other things without having to reprogram the basic functions each time.

Embedded Systems today are so extensive and complex that the use of an embedded operating system is recommended. If the functions and access to hardware and system resources used to be programmed directly, this would hardly be manageable and maintainable today. Many requirements for touch and cloud-enabled devices can only be solved economically in this way.

Ginzinger electronic systems has been using its own embedded Linux operating system platform GELin

What are the characteristics of the systems designed by Ginzinger?

Faster to the prototype, faster to the finished result

  • Operating system and tools ready to use = no compiling of kernel or tools necessary
  • Quick-Start with Evaluation-Boards, detailed tutorials and project templates
  • Detailed documentation, training and development support
  • Software development even before the series hardware is available
  • proven programs and libraries from millions of developers


Scalability guarantees best price/performance ratio

  • Scalable computing power from simple control to multimedia
  • fully integrated and proven HW and SW components
  • Frameworks for modern user interfaces and connectivity
  • Mainline Linux with uniform programming interfaces
  • Hardware und Software from one source
  • Complete Lifecycle Management

Memory requirements of a typical embedded Linux application

  • Linux-Kernel specifically for target platform with all required drivers tailored to application
  • Library: glibc and others tailored to application
  • Console, small web server, Qt Embedded Graphics
  • approx. 20-60 MB memory requirement

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