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Smart Home and building automation

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About SystemTera
Behind the scenes

SystemTera® brings clarity for the user

Smart Home und much more!

Smart Home - for years this term has been making headlines in all media and is a trendy topic at many trade fairs. All providers of smart home solutions promise greater convenience, lower energy costs and greater security thanks to intelligent control of household appliances. And because we can no longer do without a smartphone, we can control all of our home electronics at any time and from anywhere using our mobile phone and tablet "with a click".
The problem: When it comes to the topic of the "smart home", the end consumer is totally confused about the multitude of offers with different prices, different standards and equally different technologies.

SystemTera.Server V

SystemTera.Server V

#And it is precisely these two strategic cornerstones - perfectly fulfilling the wishes of the "smartphone" generation and offering cross-standard solutions - that give SystemTera Electronics GmbH, based in Wels, its unique selling point. One of these tailor-made solutions is used by Energie AG, for example, to manage the remote control of currently 230 combined heat and power plants.

While adhering to the highest quality standards, Ginzinger electronic systems is responsible for the production of the SystemTera.Server V, which forms the core of every SystemTera installation.

The advantages of SystemTera®:

  • Integration of varoius manufacturer systems and standards possible
  • Suitable for use in the private sector and in commercial enterprises
  • Installation in new buildings or as retrofit possible
  • Increases comfort
  • Increased security
  • Reduces energy costs



Honest words

We have been working together with Ginzinger electronic systems for several years now, because we have found a partner here with whom we can work on an equal footing. In addition, the company Ginzinger is incredibly consistent in its focus on quality and there is a noticeably good communication culture in this company. Nothing is covered up, no mistakes are concealed.

Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Leisch | Managing Director | SystemTera Electronics GmbH

Behind the scenes

The project team

DI Andreas Pfeiffer
DI Andreas Pfeiffer Customer Consulting
Kristof Jodlbauer
Kristof Jodlbauer Customerservice Center
Johannes Ulmer
Johannes Ulmer Hardware Development
Ing. Stefan Knauseder
Ing. Stefan Knauseder Hardware Development

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